'Fashion is like the preparation of a dish – clothes and accessories must be used in the same way as we use spices: too much can spoil the taste'


I’ve been passionate about men’s fashion, both smart and casual, for years. I have studied in a school of style which improved my knowledge in this subject. Over the past few years I have gained a lot of experience, which now allows me to experiment with men’s fashion and create my own unique style. My aim is to demonstrate that men’s fashion can be as interesting and challenging as women’s.

Why did I choose to deal with men’s clothing and style? Well, it is said that we (women) dress for other women, while men want to look good just for us. I believe than no other than a woman can show men how to do that in a right way.




I work all over Poland.


If you have any questions after our meeting please feel free to call or email me.


It is very important for me to save your time – I guarantee quick and professional services.


I respect the privacy of my clients, which allows a trustworthy and professional cooperation with each client.

Olimpia chose perfect clothes for me – great colours and styles. They really match my personality. I would never have even looked at these type of clothes before, but they appear to be just perfect for me. Olimpia advised me to buy some clothes that I wore comfortably during many important business meetings, but I also managed to wear them casually.
Thank you!! My husband looked great during our wedding. I (as a woman) was very impressed. Olimpia was truly professional, helpful and her involvement was highly appreciated.
Olimpia is a very professional stylist, the outfits she recommended for several business meetings match my complexion and figure well, and I can use these clothes on daily basis as well. Highly recommended!


Company details:

Stylistka Olimpia Wawrzacz
os Piastów 65/291
31-625 Kraków
NIP: 5482657846

Bank account number:
25 1050 1070 1000 0090 9145 8134